There are many projects around Neighborhood parliaments all over the globe. We are supporting projects in:

  • Africa:  Nigeria, South Africa, Togo, Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Benin, Liberia, Chad, Cameroon, Central Africa Republic, Malawi.
  • Latin America: Peru, Chile, Colombia.  
  • Asia: India, Timor Leste, The Philippines.
  • Europe: Spain and Portugal.

Some of our partners are:

Montfort Special Institute (India), Life Yessence cademy (LIYA) (USA), America Solidaria (Chile), Think Twice (South Africa), Hope Foundation (South Africa), Center for Dynamic Community Governance (USA)


The Tamilnadu-Pondichery State Parliament of Children won in 2009 UNIC

EF-San Marino Alexander Podini Global award for Best Child-led Organization for Child  Rights Action.

A similar organization of neighbourhoods for poor women, started by the State Government of Kerala, India, at our inspiration, has won many awards. See long list at

Edwin Maria John won in 2009 National Award for Creative Ministries given by the Catholic Priests of India.


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