You too can change the world

Swarnalakshmi Ravi, a girl with visual disability, became the Child Prime Minister of India, and addressed meetings at UN four times over four years, and appealed to UN Secretary General for a world parliament of  Children.

She represents the big dream that we promote and our simple strategy to realise it.

We represent the dream of a new world where every belongs equally, where everyone feels powerful enough to make a contribution to ensure peace, justice and happiness for all.

We have a very simple logic: if only people experience power, people will ensure that people get their due. To have power is to have an effective say. And to have an effective say you need forums that are accessible, well-linked and accountable.

The magic comes from small groups where people can have meaningful relationships with each other and their environment. Building on that, we organize small-sized neighbourhood “talking-forums” – “Neighbourhood Parliaments” - and their small-sized representative forums at various federated levels, leading up to a world parliament. With a provision to call back elected representatives any day.

We start with children. We also organize grown-ups.

Hundreds of thousands of  such neighbourhood units, have already been started spreading over various countries and continents. We have very many success stories that tell us that a new world is both possible and near.

The march is on. We want your supporting hands.

Our financial records are completely transparent. You can contact us at:


Opportunities for Volunteering

We have covered a long way from the time we timidly used the expression, “children’s parliaments”. Now there is wide reception to the idea.  

Over the years we have developed various guidebooks and modules. We have also action directives for each such child minister. Our organization has also Special Consultative Status with UN.

Now our next planned milestones:

1- Wider concept promotion in many countries around the world

2- Growing the existing parliaments.

3- Getting governments included to revamp education and social policies as hand-on, practice-based citizenship learning approach

4- Forming a world parliament of children a proposed to the UN Secretary General the National Child Prime Minister of India

5- Forming similar parliaments of grown-ups at each neighborhood and federating them at ever wider levels

6- Getting these neighbourhood parliaments of grown-ups upscaled in some countries

7- Getting global, small-neighbour bottom-up global chains organized for each Sustainable Development Goal. 

If you are interested in starting a neighborhood parliament or joining an existing project, contact us at

We have an ongoing need for volunteers to support development of training materials, translation of training materials into local languages, and creation and dissemination of publicity. If you want to volunteer for NCN, contact us at